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Friction is Hot! It keeps things interesting.

Like a hot relationship, Friction is an element in an interior that you may not even notice at first.  It is the thing that makes it all blend, spices it up and makes it interesting.  “I don’t know what it was, but everything flowed.” That was the Friction. The visual and tactile textures that keeps interiors interesting. Smooth surfaces combined with textured fabrics or finishes and contrasted with the backdrops in the room create a lot of interest. This principal applies to all types of interiors from modern, traditional and all points in between. 


Interesting textures are the things that make you want to reach out and run your fingers along a countertop or sofa or fabric.  It is even in the artwork. Maybe it is a bold piece in a white room, or a highly textured piece beside a silk sofa. You may be tempted to reach out and touch both of those! Silks, wools, nubby boucles, leathers, grainy woods, glass/metal combinations – all these elements compliment and contrast, helping to form the finished look.  Then you can add in wood clad walls, contrasting flooring, mixing stones…


Friction also works with mixing of styles. For example, if you have an old piece of furniture that you just can’t get rid of, like a family heirloom, then change its look for some style friction.  Reupholster or slip cover that old chair in a mod fabric and hang a great piece of contemporary artwork over it. Change the chandelier over the traditional dining table to a wild contemporary piece. Pair up the old with the new and give it a fresh lease on life.


Like a hot relationship, Friction and Contrast can get out of control, so plan ahead and have fun!

About the Author

Stephanie Henley, Principal of Beasley & Henley Interior Design, has 20 years of enthusiasm and devotion to marketing, PR, social media and the company’s stability. She is dedicated to all things 'design' and 'homebuilding' including serving as a member of the NAHB’s coveted Design Committee, speaking at South East Building Conference, IBS, chairing MAME and SEBC’s AURORA AWARDS.

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