Hot Right Now!

There is a new Trend! The hottest things in interior design and furnishings right now swirl around the 3 R’s Rustic, Reclaimed and Repurposed.

Old wine barrels are now chandeliers.

Made from Wine Casks, B&B in Atlanta

That old slab of wood from a condemned house can now be your desk.

R- Wood slab Desk from B&B Atlanta

Old grey teak, is popular, don’t oil it!

Old (or old looking) Factory shelving can house your book collection, preferably of the antique persuasion. This one is by Van Thiel and Co ( but they are seen all over.

R Factory Shelving, Van Thiel

Vintage factory carts are on the ‘must have’ list usually as cocktail tables. These are by Antique Cart Coffee Tables and Hudson Goods.

R-Factory Cart from Antique Cart Coffeee Tables

Factory Cart by Hudson Goods

Noir rolling carts- very popular

Another source for one-of-a-kind pieces is Factory 20 ( Factory 20’s catalogue of industrial antiques and vintage modern is extensive. It could easily take an hour- but it is well worth it!

Factory 20, armoured door as a table

Petrified wood tables are seen everywhere these days like these from Artesia.

Artesia petrified wood table

You can even accessorize with roots like this petrified teak root!

Teak root accessory

Everyone has to explain a trend, it can’t just ‘be’, so here is my explanation. Mainly the 3 R’s are a turn away from the modern/contemporary design that has been the leading trend for the past 10+ years.  It is actually refreshing to see this old stuff! Reclaimed, grey washed woods and rough tables to contrast the decade of sleek design and high gloss finishes. Now, don’t get me wrong – I still like modern, but I am all about a little shake up! The 3 R’s actually mix really well in a modern setting for contrast.

One of the many vendors jumping on this bandwagon is Hickory Chair. Their Antiquaire Collection has pieces that are a beautiful reflection of the Rustic, Reclaimed and Repurposed trend.

Hickory White Antiquaire Collection

Hickory Chair, Antiquaire Console Table

Jayson Home and Garden has an interesting piece in this fun chair. A traditional style covered in vintage sack cloth.

Jayson Home and Garden

One of the best things about this trend is that a lot of it focuses on Made-in-America, and small artisan style vendors and manufacturers. People don’t want their purchases to have the look of  ‘mass produced’ in China. They want ‘old and rustic’ to be ‘American old and rustic’.

Definately sporting a very Americana look is lighting.  There are so many innovative designs it could take an entire blog on its own. Here are just a few examples.

R-CastAntlers Chandelier

R tiger rags lighting

Spoon Chandelier by Hudson Goods

Also benefitting from this vintage trend is Architectural Salvage. It has always been interesting but it is getting a renewed shot at life as people rush to buy the past, the more rustic the better! One of my favorites is Architectural Accents in Atlanta with a huge warehouse of salvage and antiques. Windows, stained glass, flooring, columns etc, etc. ( There  is a great list of salvage places from Period Homes at

So now is the time to dig into the past and pull out all your Rustic, Reclaimed and Repurposed possessions.  Or go by new. At least new to you. And enjoy!