Globe Trotting

Beasley & Henley Interior Design has been designing in different countries for a few years. Sometimes we wonder if we should change ‘Interior Design’ to ‘International Design’ 🙂 .

We are working in China with our partners at the East West Design Alliance.  Comprised of Beasley & Henley Interior Design, R & R Planning and Design, and Outside Productions, and Ecoarchi Architects & Consultants the East West Design Alliance team is currently working on 7 homes in China. In fact, Pat Trefz of Outside Productions is there now creating new pool designs.

The location where the homes are being built, is called Thousand Island lakes and it is gorgeous. This picture shows the houses being built in the winter.

This is the area in the summer.

Now this is where I get to show our Design Principal Troy Beasley’s face on a huge billboard in Hangzhou China … Troy is on the far right hand side.

Also, one of our fav architectural firms in China is BLVD.  The link show Beasley & Henley pictures on their site along with info on the East West Design Alliance.

At the website just click on any of the BHID pictures featured under the East West Design Alliance logo and we can check them all out. You can read it in English as well- just click on the ‘translate’ up on the top right of your screen.

In addition to International Design we are also starting to work on a package for energy efficient homes here state side.