O House | Minimalist Design

This is a beautiful minimalist mountain home design “O House” designed by  architect Philippe Stuebi. This surreal home is located in Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. The natural views surrounding the home are humbling. The luxury villa architecture expresses simplicity and allows nature to be the largest artwork in this collection. Top notch architectural detailing allow this project to be one sure to receive accolades.

The lake elevation with superb mountain views of the Rigi and the Burgenstock displays a protruding, glistering loggia created from round glass bricks. These decorative elements are a strong contrast to the rough renderings of the side facades. The basement nestles along the slope and opens into a large fitness area with a 25-meter swimming pool, half inside, half outside, that is inserted in a white terrazzo plate. The terrazzo plate extends gracefully from the pool bar positioned inside along the boathouse created from white tinted, rough jetted concrete into Lake Lucerne. The following is The O House  design pictures collection.