Acapulco Boasts One of The Worlds Finest Homes

The Arrango House. Acapulco, Mexico. Completed in 1973, John Lautner refined innovations in siting, material, and structure he had been perfecting in earlier projects. Its bold curves celebrate the sculptural qualities of concrete, which he liked to experiment with (he worked often with engineer T.Y. Lin, who pioneered prestressed concrete). Modernists have fused architecture and site by extending structures into the landscape. Lautner turned this tenet on its head, conceiving the house as an extension of the rugged topography and using form to set up the exterior views similar to his mentor Frank Lloyd Wright. Boulders thrust their way inside to become bedroom walls and they help regulate interior temperatures as well. The upper level is cantilevered out from the hill to block out lights from houses below and to give occupants the impression they’re walking on air between the sky and the bay.





John Lautner’s “Arango House”

Acapulco, Mexico