Parisian Style in New York City

Charlotte Macaux Perelman brings Parisian flair to a New York penthouse. Funny that a firm founded by a Frenchwoman has completed a penthouse loft so quintessentially New York. Straight lines and long, linear spaces could feel stark, but the rustic textures and furniture arrangements add interest. What a beautiful design concept.       Photos by Eric Laignel.

Pierre Paulin – Mid-Century Furniture Icon

There are lots of great ‘mid-century’ pieces and many are well known.  Here are some often overlooked pieces that we just love by the incredible French designer of the 1960’s, Pierre Paulin!   Recently deceased, here is short tribute to some of his inspired work.  ABCD- 261 Sofa In1968 Paulin designed this  ‘261’ series sofa.  It was created originally for ...