Oh my God this place is amazing!

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…We love to hear that.

You know, it’s when you walk into a room or a home and just loved, but can’t quite put your finger on why. 

It is more than just chance that a place looks or feels great.

Five Foundations

Troy Beasley, Beasley & Henley’s Design Principal says Good Design breaks down into five basic rules. He calls them the Five Foundations.
1. Color
2. Lighting
3. Architectural Detailing
4. Artwork and Mirrors
5. Contrast and Friction


One important note regarding color… never does it stand alone!

If you want to paint a room a gorgeous high gloss red, remember that red meets another color at some point.  When you plan one color you have to plan all colors so they can nicely meet -not garishly clash. Even within a room,  think about the final mix of all the color combo’s in the space.  More than once has a client worried that the colors on the walls of their new home are too dark or too light, or too bold.  Once all the furnishings and artwork and lighting are in though there is an incredible blend of colors that all work together.  For example, that  ‘”too light” wall has darker piece of furniture in front of it and the contrast is needed. That bold room is meant to be vibrant and the furnishings balance it out.

Often a neutral palette is the backdrop to a room.  Then adding warm colors in small doses adds the warmth – this is an element that a lot of people feel is lacking in modern design.  For example, you can decide on white walls, white floors and white fabrics and then layer colors into it with contrasting accent fabrics and bright artwork. Another option is a more blended setting; paint the walls warm gray and buy upholstery in variations of blue or beige. Then pick similar color values for artwork and accessories to create a warm environment. You can also do a neutral backdrop adding patterned effects on draperies and accent pieces.  Again, high contrast artwork adds a lot of interest and warmth.

Hot color combos right now are:
Crème and Green
Black and White
Cool Grays and shiny Platinums
Browns are still nice but are fading from their once overwhelming popularity as the “new black”
Black, is the “new black” – again!