Maybe it is my recent conversation with Sara Baldwin and all the great products on the market these days, that got me thinking about mosaics and tiles in general.  Then, of course, there was our recent trip to Italy,  ‘ la Costa Amalfitana’  in particular –  the place most people associate with this kind of thing – where I saw some remarkable mosaics and tile designs.duomo-small1

Lots of things that fall into the categories of ‘ breathtaking’ and ‘fabulous’ .  Lots of incredible traditional designs and beautifully executed floors and fountains and duomos from antiquity to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. 

Surprisingly though, we were most taken with some of the MODERN designs.  Yep, modern!  In Italy!


(Surprising public flooring design in Vietri-Sul-Mare)

Even in towns that are like 3000 years old we saw an inventive use of modern compositions and contemporary applications of this versatile art form. 

Juxtaposed by the ancient or just merely really old, these designs were so refreshing, we loved them!



(Lots of designs draw on the sea and the coast’s important fishing and trading history that goes back thousands of years)



(This was part of the stations of the cross that meandered through the alleys of the old part of the city)



(A modern take on a traditional theme)




 (The incredible Ceramica Solimene  where the ancient art of ceramics takes place in the beautiful modern building) 



 (Troy in an old alley leaning on a long wall covered in modern designs)

I did succumb to one wonderful application of mosaic from the late Renaissance at the Villa D’Este.  The Villa is just outside Rome (or really outside if you take the bus-ugh!) and is world famous for its fabulous villa and beautiful gardens. 


In one section the ceilings have a 3-D relief where roses are formed in mosaic and while it isn’t the most elaborate design ever, but I love the concept and it was gorgeous.  You feel like you could just pick them off the ceiling…

I love imagination!  Invent!   Create!