Clearly, Lovely, LUCITE!


Sometimes chic, sometimes cheap, Lucite is back in style.  Thanks to the recession, value-driven Lucite is having a revival in both fashion and furnishings being seen in jewelry, shoes, chairs, tables, bedframes….  Invented in 1931 Lucite, also known as Plexiglas, is a kind of molded thermoplastic resin. It has come and gone through the decades and we are glad to see it is back again.  Fresh, light and versatile, Lucite pieces can go into literally any interior space.  Word to wise though – as with all trends a little goes a long way. Blend the pieces in and don’t overdo it!. Have fun!

Here are a few examples of beautiful Lucite!

This sleek Cleopatra Bench by Light Energy Studios has just enough lucite to make it really interesting.  Those sexy lucite legs add the right touch of glamour.

In this Beasley & Henley photo of an apartment at 5-East in Atlanta, Lucite chairs are matched with a modern table.  The open feel of the clear Lucite is perfect for small spaces like this dining room!

Here is another great Lucite chair.  This one is modeled to look like bamboo. Most Lucite chairs have a very modern look, but the traditional styling sets this chair apart. Check it out at

Of course, you can’t talk about Lucite furniture without talking about the iconic Philippe Stark. His famous Ghost Chair is synonomous with Lucite and now his gorgeous Mi Ming chair with red curves is proving to be similarly ubiquitous!     

I love this shot from Beach Studio of a room with classic features and totally modern Lucite! It shows how someone with a good eye can blend Lucite into any environment.

Another great room idea. The Lucite console table adds a wonderful element to the room and is a practical support for the candlesticks and florals. It does the job without interrupting the wall details or competing with the focal piece- the artwork.  This fun shot comes from

Of course, Lucite, being a plastic, can be colored too, like these two chairs from Light Energy.

Then there is the Vintage Lucite, which is a world of its own.

Check out these two 1970’s velvet and Lucite armchairs.  There are many  websites that offer a wide selection in real vintage Lucite furniture, mainly from the 1970’s, like,, and a lot of retro sites. Just search ‘vintage lucite’ and a ton of sites will be at your disposal. Enjoy!