Wild, Wonderful and Off the Wall!

I love finding off-the-wall furnishings! They are crazy but creative and usually fun.  While they are the wild ideas of today, they may be standard for tomorrow, so get a head start and check them out!

Cocoon Chair -seating or scultpure?

This chair is crazy but I love it.  It is so fresh and wonderful. What a great conversation piece. The organic, arching form is made of reclaimed hardwood cradling an upholstered seat.  The Cocoon Chair is a striking piece of sculpture which maintains its principal function: seating. This chair is 28”h x 36”w x 25”d. www.andrejoyau.com

Aswoon’s™Spring Screen Lounge Chair 

Artist and furniture designer Susan Woods from Aswoon in New York, has created a gorgeous line called Spring Screen. This is one of the Lounge Chairs from her collection. It is hand made of intertwined, coiled and flattened bedsprings welded onto a curvy steel frame. Love it!

Bobo by Dauphin

Bobo seating always makes you look twice. It has graceful lines and arched beechwood backrest supporting a triangular wedge seat cushion. Support is provided in the front by polished aluminum feet and in the rear by the backrest. 

Bobo for Babies!

How can you not love this adorable chair  with its Duck Feet! Again by Bobo but this one is for the little ones. So cute!


Tennis Anyone?

FUNature is a collection by Hugh Hayden consisting of chairs, piles, poufs, stools, and tables in a range of sizes for both kids and grownups. Environmentally conscious, each piece is hand constructed in a patent-pending tensioned matrix of safe non-toxic repurposed low density polyethylene. All pieces are available in both prescribed or custom colors and ball patterns. www.hughhayden.com/ 

Aswoon Again

New Wave Line Ribbon Float lounge chair

This poplar bent plywood lounge chair with a steel underpinning is part of Susan Wood’s New Wave line.  Undulating panels of molded poplar plywood turn into elegant chairs.  They also have room dividers, tables, etc.

 Optical Illusion

This great piece, called the Marquis Bench by Chad Jensen, is made of beautiful cypress wood and with deceptive leather seating on top. It measures 19″H x 48″L x 18″W. Photo by Avant Gallery.

 Rococo Incongruity

Talk about a split personality. Ilcapo’s glossy modern table transforms into a rococo incongruity. The piece measures 80½ inches long by 41 1/3 wide by 30 1/3 tall. It comes in shiny dove grey or shiny white on the smooth side and gold leaf or silver rubbed with steel wool for the carved end.