The New WAVE in Tiles

I admit it, I get bored easily. Especially with the same old surface treatments we see used over and over again. 

Luckily the world of tile and coverings is getting to be crazy-diverse and I love it!  One of my favorites is the look of the wave-wall idea.  Typically, it has been done in large panel form, but lately more is available in traditional tile formatting… here are a just few examples!

My favorite is the latest by Porcelonosa, called Qatar, evoking the easy soothing flow of the desert sand dunes.

The surface has a mother-of-pearl feel and beautiful luster. They come in rectangles of 8″x12″or 12″x35″. Gorgeous!!

Also inviting is the beautiful tile by Decorativa by Dunas. 

Dunas is comprised of pieces of limestone that have been hand carved by artisans to create the effect of desert dunes. The stone tiles, which are available in two colors and two patterns, measure 60 x 60 cm. And if installed correctly, the textured limestone pieces can create a stunning feature wall in both residential and commercial applications, according to Decorativa.

 FYI… Decorativa’s website is downright SENSUAL – if tile and stone can be sensual!  It is worth checking out just to browse their incredible photos and products!

Another hot desert look is the Imazi series by the Spanish company Vives Ceramica. The ripple texture of the tile surface was designed to resemble the sand dunes found in the desert’s landscape. Tiles in the Imazi series are offered in a warm neutral color palette, including Blanco, Crema, Nuez, Perla, Marengo and Negro. The wall tiles are available in 20- x 50-cm format.

Thanks to Contempory Tile and Stone Design for the info on Dunas and Vivas