Interior Designers Yell- LOOK AT ME!!!

Based on a huge survey of Interior Designers and Design Firms by Interior Design Magazine, a respected design trade magazine, a lot of designers should be shouting:


Interior Designers spec 83% of materials specifications for jobs vs 16% by architectural firms.

$2.05 million is the average dollar value of products an interior design firm specifies a year.  These products include building products, paint, ceilings, doors, windows, appliances, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, textiles, surfacing, furniture, kitchen bath products, etc

How Do You Want to Pay for That?

66%  of firms charge hourly rates

43%  of firms charge using mixed fees, meaning an hourly rate and mark-up combination

What are an Interior Designer’s Top 3 Favorite things to do?

34% Meet with Clients! 

19% Drawing and/or Designing

15% Specing product

Can You Multi Task?

86 is the average number of projects that an Interior Design firm works on in a year

23 is the average number of projects that Residential-only firms works on in a year

Largest Category of work for Interior Design Firms:

#1 Office

#2 Residential 

#3 Hospitals

The Top 3 Business Issues Faced by Interior Design firms are:

#1 Economic downturn

#2  Fee appropriateness

#3  Increased client demands

“We are a service business, and like anyone else, reducing fees or selling product at cost would put us out of business. We won’t be there for our clients in the future.” Troy Beasley, Design Principal, Beasley & Henley Interior Design

The Top 4 Client Issues Faced by Interior Design Firms are: 

 #1 Acquiring Clients

#2 Getting clients to understand the value of design

#3  Getting clients to pay for what the work is worth

#4  Getting clients to take design risks

We’re on a Mission!

80% of designers feel that they have a mission to further design “We always strive to redesign, reinvent and rethink what we do”

“Our job is to create something that our clients couldn’t have imagined themselves.  Our mission is to elevate their knowledge and expectations of what good design is all about.” Troy Beasley, Design Principal, Beasley & Henley Interior Design

 Link to the full survey: