Fabrics Reps and a Bottle of Red

People always ask us how we find all the great fabrics, furniture and fixtures we use in our interior design projects. There are lots of ways it can happen, but one of the most direct is when the company rep brings these fabulous goods to us and our Beasley & Henley designers can choose the lines we want to use to fill our library.  

Every 4-6 months these hardworking reps come knocking, bringing their show on the road and letting us know the latest their lines have to offer.

Sometime it is hard to find the time to meet, but if reps have a great line to show us and they come with wine and cheese, or even a good lunch, in tow we are bound to give them our undivided attention. It’s simple really -just feed and water/wine us!

Here is a recent meeting we had with long time Lee Jofa rep Hunter Gandy. While she usually comes to our office, we went down the road a bit this time to met her at Lewis Tarantino’s Carpet Source (pictured below). After all that is where the wine was….

Hunter starts showing the latest fabrics and we jumps right in to the ‘goods’.

As Hunter goes through the line, the designers say which memos they want to have for our library (memos are large swatches of fabric). 

Nicole is checking out the line and trying to keep the memo requests straight…..

Dan and Troy check out some of the dozens of fabrics…

And Wallpaper.

That’s how it works, one fabric and glass of wine at a time 😉