A Successful Chair is a Smiley Chair :)

I was online and stumbled upon a picture of a SMILE Chair. I thought it was great!  When I went to find it again I did a google search for ‘smile chair’.  I found a dozen Smile Chairs – all different, all great!

Turns out if you want any success as a chair designer, create something fun and call it the Smile Chair. 

Here are just a few of the ones I found.

This is one of the most famous, by renowned designer Marcello Ziliani.  As you can see he followed my smile chair advice and now just look at his fame and fortune! Marcello’s Smile Chair is an expanded polyurethane foam upholstered metal structure.  It comes in a variety of colors and measures 80cmx90cmx90cm.


I love this next chair.  It looks like a candy chair but it too is a Smile!  This one was created by Berlin-based Designer Peter Harvey in the 1990’s.  It is based on the 3 points of balance of a smile, which is turns out is the left side, the right side, and the lower lip. There is so much to learn! This one is made of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) covered with a shiney Polyester Gel Coat finish, it also comes in leather. It can be used for sitting, lying down and apparently even two people can fit in it…hmmmm…. Now that’s a smile chair 😉

Peter Harvey even has a SMILE chaise lounge


This next elegant Smile Chair is actually a stackable chair, created by the Spanish company, Andreu World.  It doesn’t look like a stackable chair, which, in addition to its sort of smiley look, is part of its charm.  These chairs show that you don’t have to create a chair that actually looks like a Smile to call it a smile chair.  I suppose they are slightly ‘smiley’, but it’s a stretch. The point is they are taking a page from the Chair-marketing-handbook… call it a Smile, it will sell.


This little chair, called the Smile Visitor Chair, is a smile waiting to be sat on!  It has lots of fabric options, but red makes gives it the best smile. The manufacturer, Nomique, calls it ‘”Neat, petite and engaging” and recommends it for everything from waiting rooms to bars and cafes. Spreading joy everywhere it goes! 

 This chair I found on the French site www.Fly.fr.  I LOVE this site – it has fun, IKEA-cool furnishings and accessories.  I am not sure how this looks like a smile- but remember, that doesn’t really matter.  It’s a great looking, really comfy fauteuil smile!

This Smile chair is actually an armchair by luxury Italian design studio Sand & Birch. It has a hip urban smile and comfortable deep grooves to help you unwind after a hard day.  It is available in two versions: plain color blue or white on varnished polyurethane, and a cozier version covered with velvet, cotton and silk, in grey and white. Love it!

So many great chairs -it’s enough to make you smile :)!