Snake Mirror and Giraffe Stools; Animal Instinct in Furniture Design

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Animals inspired a beautiful new collection from Fratelli Boffi appropriately entitled, Animalia. Every curb releases the animal instinct in these beautiful pieces of furniture.

Horns and hooves served as inspiration, while natural wood frames keep all the magic together.

Colors are used to amplify the comfort and textures stand out in an immense see of inspiration. Shades of brown and grey amazingly intertwine to form a palette perfect for a relaxing mood.

A forest emerges in front of your eyes and magnetically draws you to every chair, sofa, modular sofa set and stool. A snake inspired mirror hangs like a reminder of natural human instincts. The beautiful wooden stools resemble a giraffe and the pebble –shaped modular sofas give the finishing touches to an interior design masterpiece.