Raenovate: Beasley & Henley’s Andalusian-Moroccan Villa

What a wonderful blog by raenovate: reinvigorate refresh and revive. They have done a great story on our beautiful renovation.

Today’s redesign is a biggy, the addition of a second story BIG.  Headed by Beasley & Henley Interior Design, the Floridian firm majorly recreated a sprawling family home. Principal Stephanie Henley has eloquently described this granddaddy of a renovation for us below.

Take it away, Stephanie. “The original one-story house was built in the 1950’s. it had a lot of character and with 3,000 square feet, plenty of space for a family with small children. however, its inefficient layout and inadequate bedrooms made modern living a challenge. Coupling this with the leaky roof, single-pane glass windows and unstable plumbing and electric, the owners decided on a complete renovation. Beasley & Henley’s design of the home took into consideration both current and future family needs, neighborhood conditions, lot constraints and design aesthetics to create a beautiful and very functional family home. The end product is a 2-story, 6,900 square foot Andalusian-Moroccan villa. Its rustic materials allow this family of 5 a comfortable environment even in formal areas. Finishes include Turkish limestone floors; fossil stone fireplace and columns; cypress beams; Moorish arches; and hand painted Moroccan wall painting.”

I would especially like to thank Stephanie Henley and Troy Beasley, of Beasley & Henley Interior Design for sharing this project with us! The team of talented professionals responsible for this breathtaking makeover includes, Redmon Design, Ross Design Group, and after photographer Stephen Allen.