Otake House, Japan | Modern Designs

The Otake House in Japan’s Western area near Hiroshima is positioned to maximize the lighting and beauty of the sun’s rise and fall.  Consisting of a kitchen and dining area, the first floor of the home is where the structure is set.

The architects placed large glass windows supported with roof overhangs that promote air flow and allow sunlight to permeate.  The south side contains a living area and outdoor terrace as well as a  six-meter eave that creates a divider between the outside and inside.

The architects also used a water-proofed material commonly used in ship construction as the skin of the building.  This structure was designed exercising the principle of sustainable design.

Buildings of this nature will hopefully dot the earth’s landscape in the future as our resources dwindle and the environment becomes more vulnerable to population increases paired with lack of natural resources.

Contemporary Design

by:  Suppose Design Office