Santorini | Cave Homes Have Modern Interiors and Ultra Cool Designs

The oldest and most simple form of residence in the Aegean Sea area is cave houses — traditional buildings which are found inside the rocks with a domelike roof, a narrow facade, and narrow but long spaces inside. Santorini is known for its cave houses, and people from all over the world come to the island just to see them. Some specifically ask to book cave houses – which are transformed to hotel rooms as long as they reside on the island for vacations. According to tradition, the cave houses were created by ship crews in order to survive and live in despite the steepness of the cliff. Some say that cave houses were also used as stables for mules and other animals.

technique that the Santorinian people still use today in house building is the application of mud (Santorinian dirt and water) on the walls along with some small parts of red rocks that are added for reinforcement of the mixture. Sometimes they even use pressed cement with red or white color to cover the floors and surfaces of the internal and external spaces. If there is space, there is also a small garden outside the house where herbs and flowers are planted, adding an extra note to the already colorful environment of the island.