Modern and Contemporary Spa Le Source in Canada

The Le Source Health spa within the Lanaudière region of Quebec, Canada, has three impressive features that mix its modern architecture within the surroundings. It features striking positioning on the mountainside, the utilization of natural building materials, and breathtaking sights seen through the windows. Montreal-based firm Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environment were the brains behind the concept of this health spa. Three levels covering 800 square meters welcome visitors at a reception desk that guides clientele towards the 13 massage spaces and 2 new lounges at the establishment. Integrating the architecture from the health spa into the surroundings was a challenge for the designers because they needed to maintain the flow with the environment. Each floor was split into two levels for better incorporation into the mountainside. The relaxation element here is amazing.  The serenity of the mountainside and the pampering of the spa treatment will set your soul free and allow you freshen your respective and recharge your batteries.