Static Quarry House | Contemporary Design Concepts

This ethereal creation is composed entirely of concrete. StaticQuarry– designed by Japanese based architecture firm Ikimono Architects – is a multi-family residence with a multitude of openings to encourage interaction between the residents. The building sits atop a 625-square-meter site and includes a rooftop terrace, an amazing bamboo garden, and a total of eight living units.

A number of gap interceptions creates voids that allow natural light and sound to careen and reflect throughout the open areas. These openings, as well as the rooftop, lay the  groundwork for the bamboo gardens that complement the calmness of the bare walls. Concrete construction is used from the walls to the floors, as well as the stairs.

The way the light reflects off the concrete is on the most amazing detail inherent in this structure.  It offers it a warm contrast that opposes its usual coldness. Although the entire building is constructed of concrete, the interior feels more like a home than an industrial facility. The “industrial” aspect of the aesthetic adds a sense of character to the residence.


Static Quarry by Ikimono Architects