Troy Beasley Interview

Troy Beasley is the principal designer for Beasley and Henley Interior Design. The company works with architects, builders, and private clients from every corner of the country to create beautifully personalized interiors. Troy’s travels through Greece, Italy, and Asia have influenced his tastes in architectural detail, artistic crafts and textile art.

1. Which designers influenced you?

I can’t site a specific designer or even a group of designers. I look at so many different people! I am influenced by anyone who is creative and artistic. It’s not just designers, but also artists, writers, fabric designers, architects… There’s a long list of captivating creative thinkers. I soak it all up.

2. What’s your favorite design style?
Hmmmmm…. Eclectic Classical. I like to blend periods and styles. For example, modern artwork used with traditional case goods, and then mixed in with transitional upholstery. Or traditional oil paintings over a modern sofa set beside a funky lamp. It’s a challenge to get the mix right. I love it.

3. What’s the essential home accessory (or piece of furniture) you use in your designs?

I always look for an odd accessory or an unusual piece of furniture. Something unexpected, like a stool as a side table. I loved it when the petrified wood side tables first came out because they fit perfectly into my search for quirky pieces. I also love to use art books and travel books because they can take you to different places. People love to flip through them.

4. Show us a picture of the room you most enjoyed designing and tell us why you love it.

I have two. The first is the living room in my own house. I enjoyed designing that (really our entire house) because of the personal connection to my family and what my wife and I wanted for us and our children.


Then the club at Luxautica. It’s an exotic car club, a public space, and a great entertainment venue, so I knew a lot of people would be enjoying it.


5. What’s your favorite vacation spot?

LOL! That is like asking me about my favorite designer! A favorite vacation spot is really any place with great buildings and ambiance. Italy jumps to mind. I love the history and the architecture.


Thanks, Jenna from Design Happens