Trends for 2012: Interior Design

trends for 2012Furnishing and design trends for 2012 are emerging and putting a twist on the modern-only styles of the past decade. See what Beasley & Henley Interior Design sees as “In” for the upcoming year!

Color: Greys and Naturals

The dominant color is Grey. Warm Grey, Light Grey, Charcoal Grey. On walls, furnishings, window treatments, artwork, grey will be everywhere. Also coming on strong will be Yellow! Everyone loves its freshness and the lift it gives to any room. It will be paired with Grey, of course.

Other hot color trends for 2012 will include Indigo Blue, Grass Green, Greige (beige/green hybrid), and still, Black and White.

In addition, know that Orange will still be hanging around; Purple is on its way out and Brown, which had a very long run, is gone.

Furnishings: Antique, Industrial, and More

The headline here has to be: Paris Flea Market meets Driftwood Salvage. This captures the hot trend of natural, reclaimed, and rustic wood furniture that is overtaking the market. Finishes on these rustic pieces will range from wire-brushed to bleached oak to grey washes.

Also hot in trends for 2012 will be the captivating and unique industrial look. Adding in touches of repurposed, industrial occasional tables or side carts will create a space with character. Mix it in with a few modern pieces and voila! A great look.

Another great look in trends for 2012 will be Antiques. For some people, antiques have never gone out of style, and now others will be jumping on the band wagon because antiques are coming back and will be hotter than ever.

An interesting Trends for 2012 side note…

Beasley & Henley has spotted a few manufacturers that will be making Lounge Chair Seating a little lower in trends for 2012. The standard is 20” off the floor, but look for some to be at 17-18” off the floor. Maybe for lower ceilings and smaller houses.

Fabrics: Great Developments

Married to the natural, rustic look of furnishings will be fabrics with woven, hemp-like characteristics. Nubby cottons, loose weaves, and Belgian linens will come on strong and will be found in soft earth tones like warm whites, sandy beiges, light greys and tans.

Another great development in trends for 2012 is that environmentally conscious fabrics will finally be really accessible and affordable in most price categories.
Environmentally conscious Exterior fabrics will also be coming on strong with their incredible new look and feel. In most cases, even designers won’t be able to identify an exterior fabric as an interior fabric. They will be just as beautiful inside as outside. That is a great development.

Oversized Prints were big in 2011 and they will continue to be big in trends for 2012.

Light Fixtures

Reclaimed pieces turned in to lamps and lighting was a trend that started a couple years ago and will continue in 2012. These funky items, along with some equally unique industrial fixtures, will make lighting an “objet d’art” as much as an actual light source.


Chrome fittings are a big in trends for 2012 and beyond. Also look for Polished and Satin Brass hardware, all designed with a modernist flair, of course.


Oversized photography is still the king of artwork. Looks will range from standard pictures, to re-worked images in sepias, black and white, and a variety of computer- enhanced stylings.

So what’s the hold up? Buy something yellow, paint a wall grey, find a rustic wood side table, cover a sofa in a large-print hemp, and hang up some huge photos of a favorite adventure.

Bring it on 2012.