Inviting Halloween Decor For Your Dining Table

“Soon spirits will roam the neighborhoods at night, little pumpkins running loose until darkness turns to light. Faint whispers of witches delight, vampires awaiting feverishly for their first bite. A sprinkling of anticipation dusted over adults and children alike, how I wish Halloween would come, if it only were tonight.”

Halloween is a whole lot of fun for kids, but it certainly doesn’t have to stop there. I’m all about throwing a ghoulishly fabulous dinner party myself. Despite not exactly being a real holiday, Halloween is a fantastic time to entertain. For me the food comes second place to the theme and decor of the evening. There are endless ways to create that perfect look. Sometimes there’s nothing better than replacing all the spooky decor with an elegant twist. Other times a ghostly look can entice a bubbling cauldron to overflow into moods of bloodcurdling delight. A unique Halloween table decoration is an essential part of any Halloween dinner party. I have gathered some table decor ideas that may be just the right fit for the look your going for. It can only take a few items to turn your table into a perfectly festive scene. Be careful not to wait to the last minute so arm yourself with some creative ideas now.

Black stands & Painted Pumpkins By Grandinroad. The designer pumpkins is crafted from polyresin with a durable powdercoat finish, so you can display it year after year both inside and out. Each features a realistic stem, black and twisting. The glossy black stands are perfect for elevating jack o’ lanterns, candles, and year-round arrangements alike.


I am in love with these eyeball orbs by Grandinroad. Creepy is in the eye of the beholder. Or in this case, creepy is an eye in your hand, staring up at you, unblinking. Each eyeball orb has an artistic flair—faint sketch marks and exacting details remind one of the anatomical drawings .

Skeleton glasses and serving bowls by- Pottery Barn Walking skeletons are part of our fun Halloween traditions. Each of these bony characters balances a wine glass to entertain guests at seasonal celebrations.


Glitter pumpkins & gourds From ZGallery


Halloween decorations from Overstock


Black Jewel Tealight Candle Holders By Pier One Imports


Wicked Letters By Grandinroad Share a bewitching message from your Halloween-themed party. Each decorative letter is a separate block, so you can arrange the word however you see fantastically fit.


Great guests at their table with devilish sayings. The delightful plates have a bone-white ground with artfully black script. What a fun way to greet your guests!