Our boutique size firm of wonderfully creative people working in an non-stop-busy interior design environment.  We believe that design has the ability to enrich and change people’s lives – and we love doing that!  We enjoy imaginative people and the crazy worlds they envision.  Our inspiration comes from everywhere – other designers, architects, landscaping, marketing gurus, photographers, and most importantly, our clients.   We love to work with visionaries who are eager to change the way people use design and interact with it in their day to day lives. Our clients seek us out for our creativity, expertise, style and business acumen.


Q&A with founders Troy Beasley (TB) and Stephanie Henley (SH)

Q –  In a few words, how do you describe Beasley & Henley Interior Design’s clientele and the type of design you do?
SH- We work with an exclusive list of Private Residential clients designing everything from traditional to ultra modern interiors. We also have relationships with high-end developers on commercial projects such as luxury condo towers, turnkey residences, and corporate spaces.

Q -What do you want people to see when they look at your designs?
TB – We want the designs to reflect out client’s desires, ambitions and who they are. From our point of view, we also want the designs to reflect a certain confidence, artistry, style and sophistication.

Q –  What do you think Beasley & Henley Interior Design is best known for?
SH – We are very well known for our Interior Architectural Detailing, which is really second to none.  Clients rave about the completed designs, their originality and how seamlessly it flows and compliments their home. Builders and architects rave about the ‘completeness’ of the drawings and how easy they are follow, even when we are doing complicated designs. We are also well known for the comfortable feel of all our interiors. Whether it is traditional or modern, we here the same thing from our clients– it looks (and is) so comfortable!

Q – How would you describe the kind of design firm you have created with Beasley & Henley Interior Design?
TB –  We are the kind of design firm that works hand in hand with developers and architects to create a fluid, comprehensive space for the ease and livability of its occupants, using architectural design, renderings and furnishings to create a successful, high-end design.  We use artistic, stylish designs that enhance our clients’ lives while fulfilling our creative ambitions.

Q- How would you describe the kind of design firm you are not?
TB -We are not the kind of design firm that wants to do furnishings only.  We are best set up for a complete interior design. We also don’t want to work with status quo clients.

Q- What do you want potential clients to know about you?
SH – We would want them to know that we are delighted to be considered for the design of their home. The decision is very personal. When people choose us we know their choice reflects their opinion of the quality of the results they will see, and they will find that their confidence in us is well-placed. Our team guides our clients through each stage of the process and provides them with the closest personal attention.   It is important for clients to approach this process with peace of mind and confidence.  That is what we aim to provide them.